At Blacksmith Stoves we have a superb selection of Boiler Stoves. Blacksmith Boiler Stoves are designed specifically for those wishing to run a full central heating system. The Anvil 6kw is a boiler stove suitable for Direct Hot Water only. The Artisan 12kW (Insert) will heat 7-8 radiators, Bellows 11kW 5-6 radiators, Forge 20kW 8-12 radiators, Farrier 23kW up to 14 radiators and Furnace 30kW up to 20 radiators.

Blacksmith Design & Experience

Our team in Ireland has over 40 years experience in all aspects of stove installation and operation. This experience and knowledge, combined with that of our extensive dealer network, guarantees a service which is second to none and advice which is both accurate and clear, checkout our Cast Iron Stove range for further details » Multifuel Stoves Blacksmith Ireland